42 more migrant worker dormitories cleared of COVID-19: MOM

SINGAPORE: An additional 42 migrant worker dormitories, housing around 4,000 residents, have been declared cleared of COVID-19.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the inter-agency task force that was set up to support foreign workers and dormitory operators announced this on Tuesday (16 Jun).

The 42 dormitories comprise one purpose-built dormitory, as well as 39 factory-converted dormitories and two construction temporary quarters.

There are now 132 dormitories and 14 blocks of recovered workers in purpose-built dormitories cleared of COVID-19, said MOM.

As of Monday, this brings the total number of migrant workers staying in cleared premises to 75,000.

Of the 132 cleared dormitories, 67 have completed the three required steps for their workers to resume work. Some of the 10,000 residents have resumed working, MOM said.

The steps include arranging for staggered pick-up and drop-off timings with employers, and having employers confirming or updating the residential addresses of their workers on MOM’s database.

Additionally, all workers must download the TraceTogether mobile app for contact tracing and the new FWMONCare mobile app to record their health status and residential address.

The Forward Assurance and Support Teams, made up of officers from MOM, the military and the police, are working with dormitory operators, employers and migrant workers to complete the necessary steps and clear the remaining dormitories, said MOM.

As more blocks and dormitories are cleared and new ones – including quick build dormitories and new construction temporary quarters – become available over the next few months, the ministry said it would be “possible to progressively reduce the density of migrant workers’ living space”.

Most of Singapore’s COVID-19 cases have involved migrant workers.

The Government will build new foreign worker dormitories and refit unused state properties as part of plans to reduce the current density in dormitories and improve living conditions.

By the end of this year, there will be additional space to house about 60,000 workers, said the Ministry of National Development and MOM earlier this month.

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